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Rupert Jones Finance Ltd is a company based in the South east of England, that has been formed to offer custom made financial services to schools and other educational establishments.

Our expert tailor made services ensure that every client receives optimal services unique to their particular needs. Our reliable, experienced and friendly consultants provide a service that places schools and educational establishments at the centre of everything we do.


Improvement in global rankings in reading and literacy for school children in England

There has been vast improvement in reading and literacy according to a report published by the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PILS). The said report ranked England joint 8th out of 50 countries that participated in the study. According to the department of education, the aim of the report ‘is to assess and compare the reading performance of pupils in their fourth year of formal schooling across participating countries’. The sample for the study comprises reading comprehension for nine-year olds in the countries surveyed. For this study, 340,000 pupils around the world took part. The results indicate that nine-year olds from England are far better readers than their peers in countries such as Canada, Australia and America. The government has indicated its delight about this result and according to the School Standards Minister Nick Gibb, the greater emphasis placed on phonics and raising general educational standards is paying off in a good way. The minister indicated that this achievement will not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of teachers and parents across the country.

Education plays a pivotal role in the direction and success of every country. Allowing the least privileged in society to have access to education is therefore a blessing that goes a long way in ensuring that all children in society irrespective of their background can fulfil their full potential and contribute towards the development of that country. Encouraging children to enjoy reading and adopting it as a hobby will help them master all other subjects in their future development, as a core skill like reading is a must that needed to be nurtured at a tender age to ensure that learning becomes second nature to all school children. Research has shown that pupils that read for pleasure perform well at school and in life. Thanks to the introduction of the new educational curriculum for primary schools and general reforms, the proportion of pupils meeting expected standard in phonics has increased from 58% in 2012 to 81% in 2017. This trend has also helped in bridging the gap between pupils from poorer back and their peers from affluent backgrounds.