Who we Are?


Rupert Jones Finance Ltd is a company based in the South east of England, that has been formed to offer custom made financial services to schools and other educational establishments.

Our expert tailor made services ensure that every client receives optimal services unique to their particular needs. Our reliable, experienced and friendly consultants provide a service that places schools and educational establishments at the centre of everything we do.



Spending and expense control are critical indicators on whether an entity is likely to remain within budget allocation whilst maintaining a high level of service delivery, not just for the current year but in the near future too. Therefore monitoring through the use of budgets and forecasts on how well current spend compares to expectations is the key internal control mechanism.

What is a budget or forecast?

Budgeting and forecasting is the process of making statements about income/expenditure whose actual outcomes have not yet materialised. This often forms the basis of decisions on the future dependant on the information being conveyed in any particular report at any given time. Budget and Forecast out turns should highlight the current progression on the plan originally put together for any given financial year. Rupert Jones Finance Ltd produce fast and effective budget and forecast systems which focus on those areas of importance.

We will deploy innovative ways that make it simple for the user to identify the key areas of importance to the entity. Use of Traffic light system of Green, Amber and Red will help in prioritising and decision making