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    We take your school seriously and treat your business as ours, committing to exceed your expectations providing you with a professional service.

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    We provide expertise in school finance! This means that you can dedicate more time to running the school while we take care of your financial needs.

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    Cash flow

    How are your accounts in your school? Are you in danger of running out of money? Are you having cash flow problems? Contact us to receive a FREE 3 stage guide on how to effectively manage your cash flow.

Who we Are?


Rupert Jones Finance Ltd is a company based in the South east of England, that has been formed to offer custom made financial services to schools and other educational establishments.

Our expert tailor made services ensure that every client receives optimal services unique to their particular needs. Our reliable, experienced and friendly consultants provide a service that places schools and educational establishments at the centre of everything we do.


Ask professionals for business advice

Rupert Jones Finance Ltd specialise in providing cost effective and professional business services to schools, by offering quality bespoke services and dedicated managed service proposals.

We aim to provide our customers and partners the best quality of effective school management support and outstanding value for money. We believe that our success cannot be achieved without partnership and trust.


Working with a strategic financial plan enables schools to look into the future with a firm objective. There is however the need to monitor plans to ensure that the overall aims and objectives of the school are met. As school budgets continue to tighten , care must be taken to minimise risk So that resources are available to invest in areas that need it most. We at Rupert Jones Finance Limited understand the difference between a budget and a Financial Plan. Our experience in this area will help you focus on the long term strategic plan of your school.

Forecasting and Analysis

Forecasting is a key component in determining future spends, income, risks and opportunities. Good financial forecasts benefit schools in meeting their spending targets against limited resources available. Our experience and knowledge in this field will aid your school in producing robust forecasts to:-

  • Understand available funding
  • Identifying future commitments
  • Identifying demands on resources
  • Sustaining services
  • Identifying variables that causes changes in the level of revenue and expenditure
  • Evaluating financial risk

Financial Compliance
Schools maintained by Local Authorities are required by Law to comply with current financial regulations outlined by the Schools financial guidelines. The purpose of this guideline is to ensure uniformity in purpose and to provide the same level of financial security. In effect, the financial guidelines become a yardstick for a school’s policy document. Any audit at a particular school will ensure that the financial regulations stipulated in the policy documents are adhered to at all times. With Our wealth of experience and expertise working in schools we can provide professional advice on a range of subjects and services including:-
  • Training 
  • Governance
  • Financial Planning
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Purchasing
  • Financial Controls
  • Income 
  • Banking
  • Payroll
  • Petty Cash
  • Tax
  • Data Security
What to do next? Simply contact Rupert Jones Finance team on 0203 137 9335 for a free no obligation discussion and we will talk you through the quick and easy process.